Halo Infinite in beta drops to 540p on Xbox One and Xbox Series S at 120 FPS

Digital Foundry conducted a massive analysis of Halo Infinite‘s recent technical beta โ€” experts studied Xbox Series X and S versions, Xbox One X and S, and for PC. on both Series implemented two modes โ€” with 60 and 120 FPS. There are only 30 FPS on both Xbox One.

Xbox Series X (60) โ€” 1800-2160p at stable 60 FPS Xbox Series X (120) โ€” 1080-1440p at 100-120 FPS Xbox Series S (60) โ€” 1080p with rare falls at 60 FPS Xbox Series S (120) โ€” 540-720p with more stable 100-120 FPS Xbox One X โ€” 1800-2160p at 30 FPS Xbox One S โ€” 540-720p at 30 FPs. Xbox One S is traditionally problematic โ€” here and unoutstanding graphics with soapy textures, and unstable performance with incorrect frame feed.

However, this version may still be improved by the end of the year. In general, developers have clearly improved graphics over the past year โ€” on multiplayer maps advanced indirect lighting (but in the campaign, given the dynamic change of day, a different method for lighting is expected), weapon models and materials look much better.

The bulk of the testing had to fight bots, but they are very interesting โ€” Digital Foundry is encouraged by what they see and interested like artificial intelligence will work in a story campaign. And this is the PC version with problems โ€” the game doesn’t use full graphics cards, and even RTX 3090 fails to achieve a stable 60fps in 4K.

Also, the FPS restriction works incorrectly โ€” lock at 60 and 120 herzas occurs 1-2 frames below, causing unpleasant moves. However, these difficulties and bugs will surely solve for release.

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