Halo Infinite promised to add weapons to multiplayer modes

Joseph Staten, creative director of 343 Industries studio, gave a blitz interview to Game Informer. And in it, he confirmed that the creators of Halo Infinite are planning long-term large-scale support for the project. True, from the entire support plan, he first announced that the arsenal of weapons in multiplayer modes are going to be significantly expanded.

However, it remains unknown how many weapons are planned to be added, whether they will be new or borrowed from previous installments in the series, or when we see the first of the expansions. At this point Halo Infinite players have a whole range of new weapons in store, but many of the models remembered from the series are still missing from their arsenal.

So 343 Industries may begin its expansion with the creation of modern versions of the classics. Leak: modified weapons have been found in the Halo Infinite betaCurrently beta version of Halo Infinite multiplayer available on Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC.

The story campaign will be officially released on December 8, and the game will be released on Xbox Game Pass on the same day. And the second season, which will be prepared for large-scale expansion of content, is scheduled for May 2022.

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