Halo Infinite release date in no hurry to call because of new Call of Duty

Microsoft accurately plans to release Halo Infinite before the end of the year, however Phil Spencers team is not rushing to call the exact release date due to other fall blockbusters like Call of Duty. The current release window for the shooter is three to four weeks โ€” they are going to decide before the end of summer. Most of all, corporations dont want to call an exact release date, after which to move it even one week โ€” that would be considered a complete failure.

According to VGC, Call of Duty will be released again this year in November โ€” Modern Warfare and Black Ops 4 were coming out in October โ€” so Microsoft want to reinsurance and not drop Halo & laquo; under the train. โ€ More on Ghiromania The third season of Netflixs โ€œSexual Enlightenmentโ€ will be released September 17 In a week, introduce new enemies for Dying Light 2 โ€œMiddle Stripe Vampires & raquo; named the most talked-about series of spring.