Halsema reports: ‘That you pick me out like that and tackle me endlessly.. ‘

Mayor of Amsterdam Femke Halsema has filed a report because of the threats to her address. She announced last week that Ajax would be honored in the Johan Cruijff Arena and not at the Museumplein. That was impossible for a number of Ajax supporters.
Halsema has not been on the side of the Amsterdam supporters for a while and received threats last week. โ€œI have taken great offense at that and am still angry about it,โ€ she says at AT5. โ€œIt is a decision we made together with Ajax, with a reasonable argument reluctantly. That you pick me out and deal with me so endlessly is not acceptable.โ€
A large group of people gathered around Halsema‘s house, and then scolded her for ‘k*nkerhooker‘. โ€œMy daughter tried to come home and looked at that, I think all these men should wonder what they were doing there and how bad it is.โ€
m not easily intimidated, I was particularly furious. Because of the invasion of your private sphere, the lack of respect for administrative decisions and the sexism. I have now reported a large number of threats,โ€ says Halsema.
Halsema further says next year to see if the celebration can take place at the Museumplein. This situation is not decisive in this regard.