Halsema sends note to Chamber after motion on curfew

Mayor Femke Halsema of Amsterdam will send a note to the House of Representatives in which she writes that a motion has been filed in the city council of Amsterdam, which calls for no curfew to be set.

Halsema says that the Amsterdam-Amstelland Security Region supports the new measures of the Cabinet. โ€œThe judgment on the measures is to the Cabinet and the House of Representatives. I think it would be wise to follow the advice of RIVM and OMT,โ€ says Halsema.

It states that when the curfew is introduced there will be additional agents on the streets, especially in the first few days, who will maintain curfew compliance. However, there are concerns about the effects of the measure, which have also been discussed in the Security Council. However, Halsema points out that the additional measures are intended to bring relief earlier when the intended objective (reducing contamination) is achieved.

Many parties are opposed to

nonetheless, D66 tabled a motion in Amsterdam which is intended not to introduce curfew. It is unclear whether this motion will reach a majority, because the result of the vote will not be known until Monday. However, GL, Denk and the PvdD supported the motion during the debate, as did JA21, PvdO and Bij1 (which are not represented in the House of Representatives). They argue that it is a ‘big restriction of the freedom of movement of the Amsterdammers’ and find the inhibitory effect ‘still uncertain’.

GL believes it is important to give the ‘perspective of a big city to the discussion’ and has concerns about enforcement. โ€œHow should you enforce? How do you prevent arbitrariness in enforcement?โ€

Halsema therefore promised to send a note to the House of Representatives stating that a motion has not yet been voted. She hopes to do justice to the feelings and wishes of this part of the city council.

VVD wants curfew

De Amsterdamse VVD, PvdA, CDA and CU showed themselves critically about the content of the motion. VVD‘er Marianne Poot calls on the experts not to question the opinions of the experts, precisely because of the advance of the British variant of the coronavirus. Her party mate Daan Wijnants speaks of ‘pandemic populism ‘at D66. โ€œD66 chooses to sow divisions. Harmful and worrying.โ€ Pvda’er Sofyan Mbarki does not support the D66 motion, he announces. โ€œWe must be united.โ€