Hamer speaks with ‘second cluster’, Forum and JA21 advocate right Cabinet

This morning Informer Hamer welcomed the leaders of Forum for Democracy, JA21, SGP and BBB and the Den Haan Group. PVV leader Wilders was also invited, but he turned down the invitation because he said Hamer already told everything.

This week, the informer is talking in clusters, especially about the post-coronacrisis recovery policy. One of the main tasks it has received from the House of Representatives is to seek agreement on this.

Coalition on Right

FVD leader Baudet reiterated his preference for a coalition on the right: โ€œSo you can form a majority. I think that should be taken into account in a serious way.โ€ He also said that after the coronacrisis society can open much faster than other parties think.

JA21 leader Eardmans was surprised at the composition of the group that Hamer had invited: โ€œIt is a remarkable construction. We note that the VVD has dropped the wish for a right-wing cabinet.โ€

SGP leader Van der Staaij thought it was a constructive discussion on all kinds of topics, including youth care. He said it wasnt just about political differences.

First Cluster

Yesterday Hamer spoke to a first cluster. It was then VVD, D66, CDA, SP, PvdA, GroenLinks and ChristenUnie. It is generally expected that some of these parties will form the new coalition. Tomorrow, the informer will talk to a third cluster. That consists of the leaders of Party for the Animals, Volt, Think, the Group of Haga and Bij1.

In addition to politicians, Hamer has also spoken with representatives of various other institutions and companies. Today she received organisations that focus on sustainability, such as the Urgenda Foundation, and older people, such as the ANBO. Tomorrow she will also talk to experts in the field of digitisation.