Hamilton also in Belgium class apart, Verstappen holds third place

Lewis Hamilton is another step closer to the seventh world title to match Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher. On his slippers the 35-year old Briton won the Grand Prix of Belgium in his Mercedes.

Hamilton departed from pole position and was not threatened for a moment. This season he won five of the seven races, which puts him well ahead in the World Championship standings. There are still ten races to go.

Verstappen can’t do anything at Bottas

Max Verstappen drove his Red Bull on the circuit of Spa-Francorchamps to third place, his sixth podium finish in a row. Only in the first lap he was able to attack Valtteri Bottas’ Mercedes, but the Finn didn’t give up his second place.

Verstappen then had to pull out all the stops to keep Daniel Ricciardo’s Renault away from the body in the first curves. In the World Championship standings Verstappen is second on 47 points (that’s almost two GP victories) from Hamilton

For Hamilton it was already the 89th victory of his Formula 1 career. In that respect, he is also on Schumacher’s heels. The German came to 91 victories in his career. “I feel better than ever. It’s a crazy idea that I am already 35 years old”, Hamilton said afterwards.

It was a familiar sight in Belgium. The Mercedesses were steadily running away with their surplus power and Verstappen was, at some distance, again by far the fastest of the rest of the field.

Safetycar and hope for rain

Antonio Giovinazzi and George Russell went into the wall after eleven laps, secured the safety car and made a series of early stops. The top three opted for the hard bond with which the chunky pilots were unable to break through the status quo at the head.

The rain, which many silently and others hoped for, also didn’t happen in the Belgian Ardennes.

The only thing that seemed to make the race exciting was whether the tyres would make it to the finish. The answer was yes, even though both Hamilton and Bottas had a critical moment missing a corner.

Both could afford the slip, with a big gap to Verstappen.