Hamilton dominant, final chord Verstappen offers hope: Formula 1 in a birds eye view

Max Verstappen ended a bizarre year for Formula 1 in great style on Sunday. The Dutchman was supreme from start to finish in Abu Dhabi, something he would have liked to show more often in the five months before. World Champion Lewis Hamilton, however, stood above all parties with eleven victories and three other podium places.

The year 2020 would be the year of most races (22) and the return of Zandvoort in the Formula One circus. However, the coronavirus messed everything up.

The first nine races will be cancelled, including the race at Zandvoort on 3 May. On June 2, the FIA presented a modified calendar, which would eventually contain seventeen races. Three of them were driven on Italian territory. The Formula 1 season in a nutshell:

March 2020:

On March 15, the Formula One season will normally start at Albert Park in Melbourne. All teams and officials have gathered in Australia as Chase Carey and a number of other Formula One leaders announced that the first race of the season cannot continue due to the outbreak of the coronavirus.

This is also the case with the GPs of Bahrain, Vietnam, Spain, Monaco, Azerbaijan, Canada, France and of course Zandvoort. After 35 years, Formula 1 would finally return to Dutch soil, but the spectacle on 3 May will be cancelled.

Zandvoort, which completed the renovation on time, does not want to hold a race later in the year. โ€œIt has to be a party for the public,โ€ says racing director Jan Lammers. On 28 May it is clear that 35 years will be 36 years old.

Eventually, the season starts in early July with a double race in Austria, on the home circuit of Red Bull. No audience is allowed; the Austrians miss the thousands of Dutch people who usually visit the Grand Prix in Spielberg. Verstappen is in the first race on 5 July and becomes third a week later. Valtteri Bottas wins the first race, Hamilton the second.

Hamilton then continues to win in Hungary and England. However, the second race at Silverstone, which listens to the 70th anniversary of Formula One, goes to Verstappen through a perfect tyre strategy. After that, however, Hamilton, who wins in Spain and Belgium and is on his way to his seventh world title.

The Formula One circus then leaves for Italy, where two of the three GPs on Italian territory will be driven in succession in 2020. The first one on Monza will be an insane race.

Verstappen falls out after thirty rounds. Hamilton gets a 10-second sentence for driving into the pit lane at a time when he wasnt allowed to. After a crash of Charles Leclerc, stopping the race for half an hour, Pierre Gasly suddenly has the best papers. The Frenchman wins. For the first time since 2012, there is no driver of Mercedes, Red Bull or Ferrari on stage.

Third drop Verstappen on Italian soil

A week later, Hamilton restores relations on Mugello, the circuit of Ferrari. Max Verstappen falls out again and sucks heavily. โ€œIm done with itโ€, it sounds frustrated. In Russia and Germany, he then signs for two second places. In Portugal, Hamiltons 92nd Grand Prix victory was followed at the end of October, who redeemed racing legend Michael Schumacher as a record holder with the most victories in Formula One.

Hamilton now has the world title for grabbing. The Brit continues to win. At Imola, he wins the third race on Italian territory. Verstappen again falls out. Italy has apparently cast a curse on the Dutchman.

Seventh World Title Hamilton

At the return of Formula One in Turkey in mid-November the party will be for Lewis Hamilton. The 35-year-old Brit wins on smooth ice in soaked Istanbul and conquers his seventh world title. With that, he equals Michael Schumacher. โ€œIt has been a monumental journey,โ€ he says moving about his performance. Max Verstappen has a bad start and doesnt get over it anymore: sixth.

After that, the Formula One family leaves for Bahrain, where two GPs are finished under strict corona measures. The first one will occupy everyone for years to come. Hamilton wins again, but the race becomes Romain Grosjean almost fatal. The Frenchman blasts his Hare on a guardrail. The car breaks in half. A sea of fire is created. After 28 seconds, Grosjean escapes the inferno.


The discussion about how safe Formula One is being revived. โ€œWithout a halo, I would have been differentโ€, says Grosjean from the hospital. The safety ring around the cockpit, mandatory since 2018, saves his life. The Italian architect Jarno Zaffelli, responsible for the renovation of circuit Zandvoort, says that the probability of such an accident in Zandvoort is significantly smaller than in Bahrain.

A week after the hideous incident aroundGrosjean, the drivers have to retake office in Bahrain. This time on a short circuit. Lewis Hamilton is missing from a positive corontest, George Russell trades his Williams car for the world champions car. It will be a memorable race again.


Russell seems on his way to his first Grand Prix victory until blunders in the Mercedes pit box and a flat tire in the final phase make him a chance. Max Verstappen falls out in the first round, after having to evade Sergio Pรฉrez and Charles Leclerc. Pรฉrez, of all people, wins the race later. The Mexican has to leave Racing Point and doesnt have a seat for 2021.

Final agreement Verstappen

However, the final chord of the Formula One season is for Max Verstappen. A perfect final round in the third and final part of the qualification gives him a pole position for the third time in his career. On Sunday he reigns from start to finish. No Mercedes that can threaten him. โ€œA very nice slot,โ€ he says about his second victory of the season. โ€œBut it doesnt say anything about 2021.โ€