Hamilton misses Sakhirs GP next weekend after positive corontest

Lewis Hamilton tested positive for the coronavirus and therefore misses the GP of Sakhir in Bahrain next weekend.

On Sunday, according to Formula One protocol, the Mercedes driver was last tested on Corona. The results of that were negative.

On Monday morning, however, the seven-time world champion received mild complaints and it also appeared that someone he had been in contact with prior to the Bahrain GP, which was held last weekend, was infected. Hamilton decided to do a corontest again and this one was positive. That was confirmed by a retest.

Third positive F1 driver

The 35-year-old Brit has been quarantined. Hamilton is the third racing driver in Formula One to have tested positive for the coronavirus. Previously, this happened to the Mexican Sergio Pรฉrez and the Canadian Lance Stroll.

Those who replace Hamilton at the Sakhir GP, the penultimate race of the season, will later be announced by Mercedes.

The Formula One World Championship was decided on 15 November. Hamilton assured himself in Turkey of his seventh world title.