Hammer converts opposites in formation again.

Informator Mariëtte Hamer will try to clarify the different parties about which coalition is possible tomorrow. The opposites come together to explain why they don‘t see cooperation, according to the informator’s agenda.

Tomorrow morning a conversation is scheduled with Rutte (VVD), Hoekstra (CDA), Ploumen (PvdA) and Klaver (GroenLinks). VVD and CDA have previously announced that they don‘t feel anything for a two-left-wing coalition. Also, the PvdA and GroenLinks proposal to form one block has not changed that as far as we know.

Rutte and Hoekstra remain afraid that two left-wing parties will make the coalition unstable. Groenlinks foreman Klaver called them today to give hom or calf.

After that, Kaag (D66) and Segers (Christian Union) come by. Kaag does not want to continue the current coalition with the Christian Union because it wants to take steps in the medical ethics field, such as euthanasia. The Christian Union is against that. Segers, in turn, does not feel welcome because of Kaag’s setup.

Minority Cabinet

In the afternoon, a session is scheduled with the parties that are not mutually exclusive: VVD, D66 and CDA. They could also form a minority cabinet, as has been frequently suggested lately.

Meanwhile, the formation has been around 5.5 months and there is little view of a new cabinet. The two election winners, VVD and D66, both want a different direction. The VVD would like a continuation of the current coalition, while D66 hopes for a progressive five-party cabinet with PvdA and GroenLinks.