Hammerting leaves early access on November 16

Publisher Team17 and Studio Warpzone announced that the dwarf simulator of the Hammerting mining colony was coming out of early access. Now the game is available on Steam, but since November 16 it will appear in the Epic Game Store and GOOG. Hammerting has been in early access for the past ten months, and during that time, a number of major updates have been released to the game.

The last one coming out today is Epic Crafting Update. The patch introduces new content to the game, including armor and rings, portable lanterns, valuable items of epic level, reworking the mythology of the Mara Mountains and more.

In Hammerting, we have to find ourselves in the depths of the mountain mines along with a clan of funny dwarves. War is raging on the surface, and it takes a mass of weapons, armour and equipment to win.

And it is up to our rudocops and masteros. You can buy the game for 800 rubles.

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