“Hands on the table!” : Subverse went into early access

FOW Interactive studio, as promised, opened early access to its erotic action movie Subverse. The game is labeled as adult content, and special account settings are required to open its Steam-page. Subverse is a parody of sci-fi action movies.

Players will get the role of the captain of the spacecraft, whose crew consists of the sexiest chicks of the galaxy. And for all of them is a set of hand-drawn sexy scenes – to unlock them, you need to perform tasks and receive rewards.

In the game we are waiting for a variety of missions and challenges, from space skirmishes prior to ground operations. In planetary collisions, the game switches to turn-based battle mode.

And to open up new opportunities, you will have to improve and develop your ship. You can buy Subverse for 515 rubles.

It is not yet known how much the game will remain in early access, but the reviews for it are still positive. More on CCeit Authors The Longest Road on Earth released a music video Epic Chef based on Terry Pratchetts books will be released on consoles To the announcement Fire Commander prepared a spectacular trailer with by live actors.