Hannie from France: The future of our campsite is uncertain

In the section Corona in… we discuss the situation surrounding corona abroad, through the eyes of a woman readeress. Today Hannie Ransijn (69). She lives with her husband Arie in Aignan, France, near the Pyrenees, in the Occitanie region. Hannie has its own campsite.

โ€œ I worked at De Cceit for 23 years in the investigators department. After this I made a big career switch and became a kindergarten teacher. But now I have been the owner of campsite Le Domaine du Castex for 16 years, with extensive accommodation rental, apartments and rooms.

I moved here with my husband Arie and daughter Rosa (at the time 8). The history of this beautiful place and the friendly people, together with the view over the green wooded hills of the Pyrenees, ultimately gave the decisive factor to move to France.โ€


โ€œNormally my work consists of organizing, receiving guests, taking care of table dhรดtes and cleaning. Unfortunately, there are now many protocols in place for tourism, especially when it comes to sanitary measures. You must first disinfect your hands and everything needs to be cleaned even better than before.

Also, guests are no longer allowed to be served breakfast. That is a pity, because we are normally very big at that. And all guests must now have access to their own sanitary facilities, but not much use is currently being made of. Most of the people we receive now are workers who have been commissioned in the area and are temporarily staying here.

The French are well aware of the risk and do not grant themselves (unfortunately) a holiday at the moment. Luckily there were many tourists last summer, but the rest of the year there were many cancellations. As a result, the line-up last year was lower than average.โ€

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โ€œJust like in the Netherlands we had in the beginning a lockdown, mentioned here confinement. You were only allowed to leave the door with residents from your own home (max 2) for essential messages. When the curfew was set here, everything reopened. A lot of work is done remotely at companies; in fact, everyone works at home.

As in the Netherlands, all cultural institutions, theatres and museums are closed. Youre not allowed to go to a restaurant and just pick up meals. The first curfew began on October 17, which was valid from 20:00 to 06:00. Currently, we have a curfew from 6:00 to 6:00. So you may travel all over the country, but during these hours you have to stay indoors, at home or in a hotel.

That is annoying, but because we have created our own place on our campsite and in our house, we have all the space to enjoy. We really accept curfew here and dont bother with it, because we can just go out for a walk or shopping during the day โ€” with a mouthcap and at a distance.

In schools, too, strict measures are currently being taken. After each movement, the children should wash their hands, and from 6 years they should wear a mouthcap. Also, they all need to stay in their own place and keep sufficient distance. Universities only have online college. As a former teacher, I find this worrying.โ€

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Good corona approach

โ€œStill, I think the country has a good corona approach. If you are in doubt if you have corona, you can visit a test street for a (quick) test and this is completely free.

What the future will bring us is uncertain and unpredictable. The future of our campsite is also under doubt. I hope that in the summer we will be able to welcome guests again and have a great holiday on our campsite.โ€