Hard power struggle in CDU for succession Merkel

The battle for Chancellor Merkels succession has become a trench war. While yesterday the entire party board of the national CDU has gone behind candidate Armin Laschet, the Bavarian sister-party CSU from Munich shoots back hard. Their strong man, the much more popular Markus Söder:,, It is not democratic that ten or twenty men may decide. We have to listen to the people.


Almost all the prominent figures from the ruling Christian Democrats do not dare to speak out against Laschet. This Prime Minister from North Rhine-Westphalia has only been chairman of the party for a few months, but is struggling with a dramatically bad image. Nonetheless, the German President Wolfgang Schäuble, the popular Friedrich Merz and the foreign specialist Norbert Röttgen speak out for Laschet.

Candidacy Die

demands a quick conversation with Söder, but the clever Bavarian strategist plays on time, slows down the process, leaning quietly back and seems to get stronger every day:,, Its not just about what the party says, but also what the faction and society wants.” day before yesterday Söder came out of cover and officially declared his candidacy.

He even threatened indirectly with rupture of the government group of CDU and CSU, which has been working together for half a century:, We fear a divorce. There are also concerns at the base of the CDU. Never before has the Union been so bad for it. Polls arent everything, but theyre important. Its not about who we rule with, its about whether we rule at all.



Thus increased Söder, half a year before the elections in the fall, the pressure on Laschet greatly. , Who responded with great voice:, “All of Europe is looking for Germany as a candidate “, said the former altar boy from Aachen, the border city where the German emperors were crowned in the Middle Ages.

Chancellor Merkel waves off in September, holding himself in the background. She doesnt want to interfere too much with the new protagonists. On the one hand she accused Prime Minister Laschet of not meeting some of the appointments in the lockdown, and on the other hand she pointed out that Bavaria did not always have the best performance in the pandemic.