Harmony’s Odyssey’s cute adventure is released on October 19

Polish independent studio MyThicOwl, known for the Hexologic puzzle and the dynamic Trancelation arcade, has announced the release date for its new project. Harmonys Odyssey, an adventure puzzle game, is released on October 19 on Steam. The game will later appear on Nintendo Switch.

Harmonys Odyssey takes place in an unusual world: Cyclops keep their eyes on smartphones, minotaurs go to work, and mermaids relax in comfort the pools of their country villas. Players will have a fantastic journey through lands where modernity meets mythology.

Each realm is presented in the form of a detailed diorama, each with its own mystery, puzzle, mini-game, and unique mechanics. At the time of release, we have eight biomes, seven types of mini-games, and a whole hundreds of different dioramas.

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