Harrasment, abyuse, mysoginia: Paradox employees share memories

A month ago, it was reported that another gaming company has misogynia and practices gender discrimination. Now stories about specific cases of harrasment have appeared in Svenska Dagbladet, and Eurogamer. Both publications portray Paradox as a company with a culture dominated by men, and womens contributions are not appreciated.

One of the staff members, being the only woman in the meeting, tried to make a point but was told that she was taken for the sake of ticking the diversity box and was better off silent. One of the incidents involved hiring a senior manager previously known for โ€œunwanted approaches and harassmentโ€ at another gaming company.

According to female employees, he allowed too much physical contact with women: launching his hand into the groin or pressing his face to their necks. Yet he worked in a top position at Paradox until August 2021.

Eurogamer reports on vulgar, misogynistic jokes, what was considered normal to yell at subordinates, that complaining to middle management is futile because managers are afraid of upsetting high-ranking employees. Women were forced to keep quiet about their grievances even after being fired and because Swedens gaming industry is very small, with 1,226 women in 2020, representing 21% of all industry employees.

โ€œEveryone knows everyone here,โ€ and its easy to calculate the authors of any anonymous claims. Paradox management promised to deal with the situation seriously, but cited the fact that the survey was informal and it involved โ€œa limited sample of respondents (less than 20 percent of our employees worldwide).

โ€ Paradox said it had hired an external independent auditor to examine the corporate culture, starting with employees based in Sweden. And until the results are received, refuses to comment.

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