Hassle about a minister who doesn’t abide by corona rules

There’s a lot of fuss about the Minister of Justice and Security, Ferd Grapperhaus. The minister celebrated his wedding last weekend, but surreptitiously captured images show that he did not abide by the corona rules.

Now wedding pictures have been rediscovered that show that the minister does not keep a distance from his guests. He gives a hug and seems to shake someone’s hand.

Many people are angry about the images. They think it’s bad that the minister doesn’t abide by the corona rules. Especially because he himself is about the rules and about the fines people get if they don’t abide by them


Ferd Grapperhaus apologized and donated money to the Red Cross. According to Prime Minister Rutte this is a good thing, but politicians in the Lower House want to talk about it with Minister Grapperhaus today.

What do you think? Do ministers always have to abide by corona rules? Respond to our statement: