‘Have now played against Feyenoord and PSV, but Ajax is more special’

Rangers FC eliminated PSV in the Champions League playoffs, but Giovanni van Bronckhorst and James Tavernier are apprehensive about Ajax. The manager and captain of the Scottish top club hit the Amsterdammers just a little higher from a European point of view.
According to Tavernier, the game in the Johan Cruijff Arena on Wednesday evening is the preliminary highlight of his career. โ€œWe have now played against Feyenoord and PSV in Europe, but Ajaxs performance in the Champions League and their experience clearly make this confrontation more special. Its going to be a tough test, but we want to compete with the best clubs in Europe,โ€ says the full-back during the press moment.
Van Bronckhorst puts Ajax and PSV along the yardstick. โ€œThe difference between the two is not that big,โ€ says Van Bronckhorst in front of the Ziggo Sport camera. โ€œYou also saw that during the Super Cup, which was pretty similar. Ajax started very well and PSV took over in the second half. I do think Ajax has a bit more experience at the highest level in the Champions League. Not only do they qualify, they actually participate. After the winter break, they also qualify for the Champions League. Thats really good. Ajax is further than PSV at European level, I think.โ€