Havertz bitten dog at Chelsea: ‘Just want to shake him awaken’

Robert Huth doesnt like the attitude of Kai Havertz. The 21-year-old German, who was attracted to Chelsea for about eighty million euros last summer, is experiencing an unfortunate season in London so far.

โ€œI just dont like his body language at all,โ€ says Huth in conversation with Stadium Astra. โ€œIts his first year at Chelsea, but it doesnt make him warm. He loses the ball, gives it away and doesnt work to get it back. Its hard to get into a club without fans, but you just want to wake it up.โ€
Huth continues: โ€œWe used to have Mahrez in our dressing room (at Leicester City, red) which suddenly became very good. But the team took care of him by saying you cant take the sides.โ€
โ€œMaybe Chelsea is missing that internal leader or leaders where that conversation takes place,โ€ Huth thinks. โ€œIt
s not always a nice conversation when youre not performing well, but it has to be done. He needs someone to tell him what it takes to play in the Premier League. Maybe everyone is a little too nice to each other in the dressing room.โ€