Hayley Steinfield to voice Vai in Netflixs animated series Arcaine

The network reported that Hayley Steinfield has joined the cast of Netflixs Arcaine animated series as she will voice one of Vais main characters. Recall that the project is based on League of Legends. The story of โ€œArkaineโ€ is about two sisters, Jinx and Wai, who are not in each other better relationships.

The heroines are very different, but similar in their combat skills and willingness to deal with situations not in words, but with missiles. The location of the cartoon series is the utopian town of Piltover and the slums of Zaun, where the already famous champions of the original will also appear.

โ€œArkaineโ€ was worked on by Fortiche Productions, a studio that handled popular LoL commercials. The animated series is scheduled to be released in 2021, and the trailer is promised to show this Saturday.

Hailee Steinfield herself will be seen in another role this fall โ€” the actress played role as Kate Bishop in Marvels โ€œHawkeyeโ€ TV series. More on Gamemania The PC version of Neo: The World Ends with You is coming soon to the Epic Games Store Enhanced zombie action film World War Z: Aftermath has made its way to consoles and PC After another lawsuit from Blizzard Gone General Counsel.