HBOs first season of The Last of Us will have 10 episodes

Screenwriter of HBO‘s Last of Us TV adaptation Craig Meizin (Chernobyl) said that the first season will have 10 episodes. Considering that the length of each series, as mentioned before, should be approximately 60 minutes, the total timekeeping of the series will be in the region of 10 hours. In addition, Meizin added that two more directors of the project should be revealed soon.

At the moment, three are already known — Kantemir Balagov (Dylda) was the first, and later to the project connected Jasmila Žbanić (Where are you going, Aida? ) and Ali Abbasi (On the Frontier of Worlds) . Not long ago, Gabriel Luna, who plays the role of Tommy, posted the first photo from the shoot of the project, thus reporting the beginning of its production.

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