“He says sorry, too.”

Kenneth Perez doesn‘t understand the attitude of Oussama Tannane. At the end of the duel with Willem ll, Vitesse’s attacker was not happy with a critical question from the ESPN reporter. He said Tannane hadn‘t played his best game.
Tannane reacted to that and doesn’
t think he was the only one who played very badly. If you are an eye-catcher and you don‘t make sure your team wins in that important position, you will be watched. Be happy, that means you’ve done something good, says Perez at Dit Was Hop Weekend on ESPN. Our reporter also says sorry…
Arnold Bruggink says there may be a difference between how reporters and trainers look at a player. Three things are expected of him: he needs to be creative, create opportunities and achieve goals, says Perez about that. He is a player who can create something out of nowhere. I don‘t know how much appreciation he wants and what’s enough for him.
He puts so much risk into his game, so it can suddenly be very bad. It‘s also about how long his fellow players accept that, says Bruggink.

Tannane wasn’t quite on the same level as our reporter 👀 ##vitwil pic.twitter.com/B5xMK8UAW9
— ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) March 21, 2021