Head of BioWare became Gary Mackay

The new head of BioWare was Gary Mackay โ€” an industry veteran who from 1998 to 2005 worked as a producer for many EA projects, among which was FIFA. Mackay‘s players are best known for the Propaganda Games studio, which under Disney’s wing managed to release two games โ€” the relaunch of Turok and Tron: Evolution. In addition, the team worked on the ambitious Pirates of the Caribbean role-playing game, but it was canceled amid other Disney failures.

The producer joined BioWare in January 2020. In December of that year, when Casey Hudson unexpectedly left office, Mackay became the interim head of the studio โ€” now permanent head of the company.

In his address to BioWare fans, he said the following. โ€œWe are focused on releasing the games that BioWare has earned its reputation on โ€” high-quality role-playing games with a rich history, unforgettable characters and vast worlds.

We continue to work on the next Dragon Age and Mass Effect โ€” and this year will celebrate Star Wars: The Old Republic, which is also waiting for new content. โ€ More on Gomania The first footage of the new animated series in the Star Trek universe In Halo Infinite, old battle passes will stay in the game – they can even be bought Origami Platformer A Tale of Paper to be released on RS and consoles.