Head of CD Projekt RED responds to Schreyers investigation into making Cyberpunk 2077

Yesterday Jason Schreier published an investigation into the creation of Cyberpunk 2077, where he told about the difficulties faced by the team. By night the head of CD Projekt RED Adam Badowski unexpectedly commented on the material. For example, Schreyer reported that the demo for E3 2018 is almost completely fake.

To which Badovsky notes that not all readers of the material know about the production of games – they are made not โ€œlinearlyโ€ from beginning to end, but by segments that are collected in the finished product to release. Therefore, calling a demonstration of the game two years before the release โ€œdeceitfulโ€ is incorrect.

Yes, there are differences from the final release โ€” but thats why then it was mentioned everywhere that it could happen, its part of the creative process. Also in the video there is a mark โ€œwork is still underwayโ€.

According to Badowski, the final version of Cyberpunk 2077 differs for the better from that demo. It was she who became the โ€œguideโ€ for the final RS-version of the game, which received the highest ratings from many world publications.

โ€œSpeaking of old generation consoles, yes, this is a different matter, but we have recognized the problem and work to eliminate bugs (and on PC โ€” we know that this version is also not ideal). We are proud of Cyberpunk 2077 as a game and artistic vision.

I will not call such a disaster. โ€ Schreyers material noted that most of the staff were aware of the state of the game and openly [inside the studio] talked about its lack of readiness for release in 2020.

On this, Badovsky notes that the journalist communicated with only 20 developers โ€” 19 of whom spoke on condition of anonymity. โ€œYou spoke to 20 people, some of them already former employees, and only one of them spoke not on condition of anonymity.

I wouldnt call it the โ€œmajorityโ€ of the team you speak of in the article. In the collective of more than 500 people.

โ€ The remainder of the address Badowski devoted parts of the material about conversations in Polish during meetings with English-speaking specialists โ€” he rejected this, noting that during informal conversations, developers were indeed able to speak their own language. Jason Schreyer was grateful for Adam Badowskis treatment, noting that he paid so much attention in the article to the situation with the language barrier โ€” it attracted a lot of attention, although it was not such a big problem.

However, the journalist notes that Badovsky did not respond in any way to key points of the material: cruel cranchi (processing) and unrealistic production times. He noted that he would be happy to interview Badovsky.

The reaction of the community to Badovskys appeal, as for the whole game, proved versatile. Some believe that Schreyer is one of the few journalists to do his job, thenas others accuse him of trying to make a name for himself and โ€œsinkโ€ the Projekt CD.

The first also note that the studio refused to comment on the article before its publication, and Badovsky already after its release took only a few topics to gain an advantage in the public field, by this completely ignoring the main problems. More on Gambling In HITMAN III for EGS can still add level transfer from Steam New extension Path of Exile set record and caused problems with servers Capcom published first diary of Ghosts n Goblins Resurrection developers.