Head of Ice-Pick Lodge accused of paedophilia, libel suit now filed

A few days ago, allegations appeared on the network that Nikolai Dybowski, head of Ice-Pick Lodge, creator of Mora and HSE teacher, was guilty of harassment of girls, adolescents, including their own female students, mistreatment of them, as well as in appearing at work in drunk video. Dybovsky himself assured that all this is a lie that has no real grounds. And now the story turns the flip side.

HSE management, having conducted about the growing gossip in Russia and abroad, launches a lawsuit in the case of slander. Dybowski will act as a witness in the upcoming trial.

He is well aware, he said, who dissolves similar rumors and why. And this is not the first case: last year, the HSE ethics commission investigated and found no corroboration of the allegations.

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