Heads of Government Speak at Climate Summit: ‘Something Needs to Be Done Now’

Thousands of people and leaders from nearly 200 different countries are currently in the city of Glasgow. For two weeks, the largest and most important meeting on the climate, the United Nations Climate Summit, is held there.

A climate summit is organized more often. Six years ago, countries agreed that global warming should not go beyond 2 degrees. Even more, they want it to go no further than 1.5 degree. For this, among other things, fewer greenhouse gases must be emitted. But how they will arrange that, the countries are allowed to decide for themselves.

โ€œNow or Neverโ€

Actually, in the big consultation, all government leaders think that something really needs to be done right now. Whether new appointments will be made will be announced in two weeks. The leaders have until November 12 to make new agreements.