Healthcare expenses increased by corona last year by 475 per person

Over the past year, households, insurers and government have spent €116 billion together on healthcare and welfare, including childcare. This is an increase of 8.9 billion (8.3 per cent) compared to 2019, reports the Central Bureau for Statistics based on new, provisional figures. EUR 6660 per person was spent on healthcare, 475 euros more than in 2019.

The figures are mostly driven by the corona crisis. The total amount also includes the healthcare bonus and compensation provided by health providers from insurers and municipalities due to lost income, as well as government support packages and the procurement of face masks. The figures are surrounded by the corona crisis with greater uncertainty than in other years, says CBS.

The extra spending was mostly done by the government. The government spent around 340 euros more per person, an increase of 28 percent. Through the Health Insurance and the Long-Term Care Act, 190 euros were spent more per Dutchman, while the bills that people paid themselves were about 40 euros lower, a 6 percent drop. This is partly because they visited specialists such as the physiotherapist and dentist less frequently.

The cost is distributed unevenly among the different parts of care. The expenditure of nursing, care and medical specialist care providers rose most.

Healthcare costs increased not only because of the treatment of covid patients and protective equipment expenses, but also through additional care for the homeless and homeless, for example.