Healthy products are priceless

It is indeed too crazy for words that suppliers charge more for a litre of milk than for a litre of Coke. While the dairy farmer is not properly paid for it, according to C. Schippers.

This also applies to fruit and vegetables, the producers of which barely receive enough to make a living. Then you also have little choice because; much foreign (long live the environment for transport) and far too expensive. Take, for example, the apples. These are cord hardened, have little or no flavour and cost no less than 3 euros per kilo? Surely that is not affordable for a family? How can they have a healthy lifestyle?

What kind of policy is this towards the Dutch, much healthier product which, because of all the rules, has to be complied with? It is also frustrating for the producer of all this. Government, come on with your fair, healthy and wise policy!

C. Skippers,