Hearing: a new cartoon by Mortal Kombat has been launched into development

According to the portal The Illuminerdi, a new feature-length animated film on Mortal Kombat has been launched into development. The working title of the project sounds like Mortal Kombat 3, but not the fact that it will be a film adaptation of a particular part of the series. According to sources, at least Cobra, Kira, Tremor, Kabal and Sab-Ziro.

And, according to the description, the latter will appear on the screen at a venerable age (60-70 years) – the hero at the time The story allegedly already left a life of battles and became a pacifist. The details of the story remain unknown, but the authors of the portal suggest that the tie could spin around the battle of a young Cobra against Tremor.

In this case, Sab-Ziro will play the role of a kind of mentor. In theory, the picture could be linked to a recent project about Scorpio or even a fresh feature film, which is set to premiere for April this year.

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