Hearing: Apple plans to release an expensive VR headset in 2022

According to Bloomberg, in 2022 Apple plans to release an expensive premium VR headset. The code name is โ€œN301. And at the moment it is at the stage of a developed prototype.

Judging by the description, it will be a niche device, the price of which will significantly exceed competitors in the face of Facebook, Oculus and HTC. That is somewhere above $900.

The device itself will serve as the foundation for the future AR headset. The device will have external cameras and some augmented reality functions like hand tracking – plus it should work autonomously, without binding to other Apple.

At the same time, according to sources, the external part was decorated with the help of fabric to reduce the weight of the device. Also it supposedly will not have internal space for people with glasses, instead people will be able to use special lenses.

Apple expects to technically out-drive competitors, including in the filling devices are the most powerful modern chips and display with the highest resolution. Some tested chips outperform Apple M1 Mac.

Plus inside supposedly there will be a cooler, which usually Apple tried to avoid when working with mobile devices. More on CCeit Today there will be a presentation on Resident Evil – what will they show and announce there? Team17 bought the rights to Golf With Your Friends In Moscow increased the permissible occupancy rate of cinema halls.