Hearing: “Cities of Heroes” characters can be introduced into the Marvel movie universe

There was a rumor on the network, according to which the Marvel movie universe can look into the characters of the cartoon City of Heroes. Presumably, we are talking about the robot Beimax and Hiro, but the list may include someone else. How the characters will be included in the MCU is unclear, but it can happen either in Secret Invasion or a sequel about Doctor Strange.

Among the projects are also referred to as Agents Atlas is a story about a team that featured Agent Jimmy Woo in the comics. Now this character takes an active part in VandaVizhn.

Who will play familiar heroes is unclear. The original cartoon appeared in 2014 and told about the inventor, who redesigned a good-natured robot into a fighting machine and revealed a mysterious conspiracy.

Later the project received an animated series, the action of which unfolded after the events of the original. And now for Disney+ are developing another animated series about Baymax.

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