Hearing: Darth Vader concept arts without costume for ‘Kenobi’ TV series

Concept arts created from photos from the Kenobi TV series have appeared on the network โ€” there is no authentication yet. They are related to Darth Vader, who was previously known to appear in the show โ€” and play it again by Hayden Christensen. NEXT POSSIBLE SPOILERSAccording to sources, the reason why the authors returned Christensen is that Vader can appear in the series without a mask โ€” as yet accurate there is no confirmation because the creators‘ plans may have changed.

On concept arts, one can see a wounded Vader without a suit, which is similar to the version flashed in โ€œRogue Oneโ€. His healing bacta chamber came back as well as a breathing mask.

โ€œRogue Oneโ€ will premiere the series itself in 2022. More on Windows 11 Gaming will still allow you to install on old computers โ€” Alpha Call of Duty: Vanguard started on PlayStation โ€” 48 hours ahead Timberborn’s beaver strategy goes into early access in September.