Hearing: Firaxis at E3 2021 announces tactics on Marvel

On Reddit there was a leak on the line of 2K Games โ€” usually we pass by this, but Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreyer hinted at its veracity. The most interesting item was the novelty of Firaxis – the creators of Civilization and XCOM will present tactics in the style of the same XCOM by Marvel. To voice the characters should some famous actors.

The next high-profile announcement can be considered Tiny Tinas Wonderlands – a Borderlands spin-off starring Tina Tina in the title role. What exactly will be the project, though, it is difficult to say, but playable heroes seem to be several.

In addition, the publisher will present the action under the working title Volt under the authorship of studio Hangar 13 (Mafia III and Mafia remake). Now the game is at an early stage of production, and the author of the publication describes it as โ€œa mixture of Cthulhu with Saints Rowโ€.

Finally, they will show NBA 2K22, on the cover of the legendary edition of which will be Dirk Nowitzki. More on CCeit โ€œMajor Thunderโ€ topped the top views โ€œKinoSearch HDโ€ in May The main game of Square Enix at E3 2021 will be the novelty Eidos Montreal – โ€œGuardians Galaxiesโ€ Officially: Frostpunk is handed out at Epic Games Store.