Hearing: Resident Evil Village will have a mode with bagel elements and random elements

Insider Dusk Golem, who recently spoke about the final Resident Evil trilogy, explained the extended editions bonuses in detail. The most interesting was โ€œEerie Villageโ€ – according to him, it is not just increased complexity, as it is called in Capcom, but almost a separate mode with elements of bagel ( roguelike) and random events. Ordinary players will have access to it after passing, and buyers of the premium edition – at the first launch.

It seems that Village of Shadows is a development of Ethan Must Die ideas from the first set of add-ons for the seventh part. In it the hero was revived with 12 inventory slots and a knife โ€” The location of enemies and traps are changed compared to the main RE7, but at death and revival (there are no conservation points) they remain in the same places.

In RE8, it seems, and they will change. The remaining bonuses for the extended version are so clear: part of the cosmetic elements from Resident Evil 7 (safe room music, VHS filter and the like), a gun in the style of the Wesker weapon from first RE and artbook.

Resident Evil Village is released May 7 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC. In a few days, on April 16 at 01:00 Moscow time, the developers will hold a presentation with a display of fresh footage and probably the release of the gameplay demo.

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