Hearing: the canceled animated series on “Star Wars” will be released on Disney+

According to the portal The Vulcan Reporter, soon on Disney+ will be canceled earlier comedy animated series Star Wars: Detours. The creation of the project was announced back in 2012 – before the purchase of Lucasfilm studio Disney. The action of the parody animated series, which was not part of the canon, unfolded between the third and fourth episodes of the saga.

The plot was supposed to tell about ordinary inhabitants of the galaxy, who try to peacefully do their business, but they are prevented by popular characters of the universe – including bounty hunters , representatives of the Empire and the rebels. Development was handled by George Lucas, and the showrunner was Brendan Hay (Robotsyp).

A total of 39 episodes were created, with some of the others failing to bring to mind. In 2015, there was mention of closing the series, whereas in 2018, a Reddit user discovered that Disney had updated product trademarks.

According to The Vulcan Reporter, the animated series will eventually consist of 52 episodes, and its release could take place on the day of Star Wars, that is, May 4. There is no confirmation of all this information, so while it is worth treating it with skepsis.

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