Heart-conquering ode to womens friendship

Twenties are Hannah, Cate and Lissa, three friends and roommates in London for whom the future is still open. They have all the time to become who they want to be later, writes Anna Hope in Beligger, a bold and therefore heart-conquering and moving novel about fiddled ambitions, friendship, betrayal and ultimately forgiveness.

Because throughout their lives, the three young women discover that life is less malleable than they thought. That careers, no matter how promising they start, are not always and forever in the elevator. And that being successful and feeling happy does not always go hand in hand. Nevertheless, they do their best. Theyre doing their stinking best. But its not easy. Their life is a bumpy road.


Beautiful Lissa is an actress, drags herself to the umpteenth audition with the courage of despair and has to swallow rejection after rejection. Even her boyfriend traded her for someone else. Shes the sum of all her failures, she thinks hard for herself. Her friend Hannah is happily married, has a well-paid job and lives in a beautiful home. But also with her, its not all gold that shines.

Hannah cries in silence. She has a childs wish that has been unfulfilled for years and has driven her into despair, especially when IVF treatments do not give the desired pregnancy. That every cottage has its cross, also proves Cate, who rushed into a relationship, had a child, moved, and now struggles with postnatal gloom.


The British Hope writes with great love and compassion about these women, about their dreams, their great and small disappointments and grief. Her story is so universal and recognizable that as a reader you quickly feel that Cate, Lissa and Hannah are your friends, that their lives might as well have been yours.

โ€œ You have to maintain your friendships. The women. Ultimately, they are the only ones to keep you up,โ€ the feminist mother of Lissa advises her daughter. A wise advice. Which the actress, and hopefully also the reader, will take to heart. Expectation is a tribute to friendship, which – even though life is a series of disappointments – still gives us gratitude and cheerful.