Heat and fires in Greece persist, more injured reported

Greece is still experiencing an extreme heat wave and wildfires. Greek media reports Sunday that at least 16 people with respiratory problems had to be treated in hospitals on the Peloponnese. Nearly 300 firefighters are fighting a forest fire on Sunday that destroyed about 20 houses.

The fire broke out on Saturday near the city of Patras, about 210 kilometres west of capital Athens. According to the news agency ANA, authorities stopped traffic on a highway in the area and the Rio-Antirrio Bridge over the Corinthian Gulf as a precaution. Firefighters get help from fire extinguishing planes and helicopters.

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Historic heat wave

In Greece, temperatures above 40 degrees have been measured for days. Greeks dont have to count on cooling for the time being. Local temperatures around 45 degrees are expected on Sunday. It stays hot at night too. Especially in urban areas, the mercury sometimes does not fall below 30 degrees.

Meteorologists are already talking about a โ€œhistoric heat wave.โ€ Municipalities have opened air conditioned buildings to people who want to flee their hot-hot homes. Authorities warn that the persistent drought also maintains an increased risk of fires.

Greece is hit by wildfires every summer. Civil Protection says 58 fires broke out in 24 hours. In most cases, the fire department got the fire under control quickly.

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