Heavy criticism of Tannane: ‘Evidently he doesn’t understand why he’s so irritating’

Oussama Tannane is found annoying at Vitesse. Wim Kieft draws that conclusion as a result of the riot around the attacking midfielder of the Arhemmers. That was kicked out of the roster by trainer Thomas Letsch.
A lack of focus was enough for the German to put Tannane out of the roster for the games against Stade Rennais and Feyenoord. A Monday reconciliation interview turned out to nothing, according to various media outlets, and now contract torn is threatening. โ€œI think Tannane is just a little annoying,โ€ says Kieft during Veronica Inside.
According to the analyst and former Orange international, the qualities of the playmaker are beyond question. โ€œIt cant be about that. He is one of Vitesses most talented players and if he tries his best every week, theres no trainer who doesnt set him up. They will all be able to deal with his behavior as well.โ€
In an interview with De Cceit, Tannane did not understand why he was banned from the selection. Kieft read it with surprise. โ€œThis is a boy who has a pretty bad self-esteem. Apparently, hes not aware of why they find him so annoying at Vitesse.โ€