Heavy floods in China, travelers trapped in flooded subways

In Central China, the heaviest rainfall in decades has led to massive floods. In the city of Zhengzhou, 200 millimeters of rain fell in an hour. Roads and metro network have flouted and around 100,000 people have been evacuated, the local government reports. A multitude of them is affected by the storm.

According to official media, at least twelve deaths have been killed, but the death toll may still be significant. Social media shares images of people stuck in flouted subways. Some videos show that people are almost under head. Hundreds of seriously ill patients in an academic hospital have been put to safety.

There are also images of people walking along the edge of subway tubes, next to a swirling river where the metro normally runs along the rail. How many people are still stuck in the subway tunnels is unclear.

Here are footage from the subway:

Many roads have been closed or turned into water masses and several flights have also been cancelled due to the emergency weather. In Zhengzhou, cars float around, videos show, and other images show that debris is dragged away by the water at high speed.

President Xi Jinping calls the situation โ€œvery seriousโ€. On the state television, he says that several checkers have taken place. He believes that even more people have died or injured and caused even more damage.

Yesterday, the army warned that a dam near the city could go. Soldiers have been deployed to help combat flooding.

โ€œWe only see small part of the disasterโ€

Correspondent Garrie van Pinxteren says in theCCEIT Radio 1 Journal that only a small part of the disaster can be seen. โ€œThe area is completely sealed, so its size is not quite clear yet.โ€

The fact that President Xi said publicly about it does indicate that this is a major disaster. โ€œIts special that he says something, he doesnt normally do that fast.โ€

Part of the watershed explanation is Chinas urbanization. โ€œTheres a lot of concrete.โ€ But climate change is also a factor. โ€œChina still has a major problem with CO2 emissions. Half of all newly built coal plants are built in China to meet energy needs.โ€

hurricane In-Fa

The heavy precipitation is caused by Hurricane In-Fa, and according to the authorities, this type of rainfall occurs in China only once every hundred years. Its been raining for three days now and there has been just as much water in the region at that time as usual in a whole year. For the next 24 hours it will rain.

Also outside of Zhengzhou, in the rest of Henan province, many cities face nuisance. A dam has been broken in Luoyang and military warning that the structure could collapse at any time.