Heavy thunderstorm in part Germany leads to chaos

Heavy thunderstorm and heavy rains have caused a lot of problems in the west and south of the Federal Republic on Tuesday night. Flooded streets, cellars and tunnels led to a massive appeal to emergency services, which also had to take action for swung down trees and fallen power.

The German weather service expects the nuisance to diminish in the next few hours, but does not rule out that the weather in the east and northeast will again lead to nuisance in the course of Wednesday.

In Frankfurt alone, emergency services had to take action more than six hundred times on Tuesday evening, after up to 45 litres of precipitation per square metre had fallen in some places. Public transport came to a halt in large parts of the city due to the rains, which, among other things, pushed up manhole covers and tunnels were no longer passable by the abundance of water.

Also in the Bavarian Landshut, emergency services were flooded with calls about many uprooted trees and cars floating through the streets. The thunderstorm crossed Landshut at the beginning of the EK-laden duel between England and Germany, which also resulted in power outages and damage to oil tanks. โ€œThis was a thunderstorm that occurs only once every five or ten years,โ€ said Mirko Olzem of the local security forces.

Many damage and nuisance were also reported in Bochum and Krefeld (North Rhine-Westphalia). There, the emergency services received thousands of reports, including stranded drivers who could no longer get out of their vehicles through the water.