Heavy US security measures to expected demonstrations, but it remains quiet

The FBI warned last week that the authorities in the United States should take into account armed protests today in the state parliaments. That is why a number of states scaled up and extreme security measures were deployed in several major cities. For the time being, however, it is quiet.

The security measures were taken to protect the state parliaments from the kind of violence that was seen during the storm of the Capitol on 6 January. For example, Washington D.C. has a lot more police around, the National Guard has been deployed, its windows are boarded up and there are many fences around the government buildings.

Strict security measures have been taken in several cities:

But the roads and squares surrounding the state parliaments are now in most American states afternoon is still strikingly empty. Here and there are a handful of protesters, but the thousands of demonstrators who were expected across the country are not yet to be seen.

The FBI was expecting a lot of unrest today. The federal police service received information about a group of people who wanted to storm the state buildings in all 50 states. Also in Washington, D.C., activists were called to march with weapons from the White House to the Capitol. And in Richmond, it was expected that the Proud Boys, a neo-fascist militia supporting Trump, would emerge.