Heerenveen defeats Feyenoord after bizarre final phase and meets Ajax in semi-finals

SC Heerenveen reached the semi-final of the KNVB Cup after a bizarre match against Feyenoord. At rest it was 1-0 for the home team and Joey Veerman missed a penalty in the second half, after which Feyenoord took a 1-3 head start. After a red card for Steven Berghuis, the Rotterdam team collapsed like a house of cards. After more than 95 minutes of playing there was a 4-3 final score on the scoreboard.

The opening phase of the duel was for Heerenveen, which was much brighter than Feyenoord. It quickly resulted in the lead: Rami Kaib steamed up along the left side of the field and was served at his beckons by Mitchell van Bergen. The left back shot the ball through the bottom of the bar behind Nick Marsman, who replaced the injured Justin Bijlow.
Halfway through the first half, Feyenoord got a bit more grip on the game of Heerenveen, but it didn‘t make an impression. It even got away well, when a goal of Henk Veerman was rejected after an incomprehensible mistake by Lutsharel Geertruida. The VAR interfered and saw that the Heerenveen-striker was sidelined.
The home team soon got the chance to double the score in the second act. Referee Siemen Mulder put the ball on the dot, after Marsman put down Jan Paul van Hecke in a crisp manner. Joey Veerman missed the opportunity, but initially seemed to be saved by Mulder, who indicated that the penalty had to be taken again. Martian would have come off the line too early, but the VAR stopped this. Eric Botteghin walked in too early, but the VAR didn’
t look at that.

After all the hectic hectic Heerenveen did not seem quite at the lesson and Feyenoord struck unmercifully hard. Steven Berghuis finished a nice attack and made 1-2 of it, not much later Geertruida headed the 1-3 behind Erwin Mulder.
Feyenoord seemed to take a big step towards a possible semi-final against Ajax, but Berghuis got his team into trouble by taking his second yellow card after a violation on Kaib. With ten men, Feyenoord quickly got a tap: Benjamin Nygren brought the tension back in the match by working the ball up close in the Rotterdam goal.

It caused a complete collapse at Feyenoord, which then completely gave it away. Siem de Jong made the 3-3 after a big mistake of Marsman, which was slightly hindered by Henk Veerman, who simply dropped the ball out of his hands. De Jong then completed the comeback of Heerenveen, by making the 4-3 in the injury time.

Heerenveen meets in the semi-final Ajax, which will visit the Abe Lenstra Stadium.