Heerenveen disables Feyenoord in insane cup duel

Dick Lawyer has been stranded in the quarterfinals of the cup with his Feyenoord. SC Heerenveen proved to be in his own house in a crazy duel with 4-3 too strong, partly due to a colderic final phase. In the semi-finals await Ajax for the Frisians.

It was a matter for the Feyenoord coach in advance to ensure that his team did not appear in the same way as a few weeks ago, when she went down without a chance at Abe Lenstra Stadium. It turned out to be directed to deaf ears for the first 45 minutes.

An inattention in the Rotterdam defense caused Rami Kaib to suddenly appear free for Nick Marsman, who replaced the slightly injured Justin Bijlow. But also he could not prevent the 1-0 for Heerenveen in the 15th minute.

Feyenoord got some chances, but was actually just like a few weeks earlier not at the class on the lousy field in Friesland.


Just before rest Henk Veerman was amazingly free in the sixteen meter of Feyenoord. A latitude pass by Lutsharel Geertruida introduced this, after which Van Bergen found Veerman. It rounded off coolly, 2-0, right? No, so. The goal was rejected for offside play. Thats where the lawyers team got away very well. The rest was therefore achieved with a 1-0 intermediate position. Feyenoord just showed nothing in Heerenveen.

Lawyer will have made a thunder speech, because another Feyenoord came on the field after rest. This soon resulted in the equalizer of Bryan Linssen, as indicated by Jens Toornstra.

Wonderful quarter after rest

anyway, the first quarter after rest was full of incidents. Thus, the ball went after the dot according to the leader wild income of Martian. Joey Veerman sat behind the ball, saw Marsman stop the ball, and in the rebound Eric Botteghin miraculously put the ball in front of the line.

Only, the assistant referee had seen Marsman go off his line too early and the penalty had to be taken again. The VAR had seen this differently and so it remained 1-1.

Rood Berghuis

Because Heerenveen didnt do it, Feyenoord turned the duel on the other side. Steven Berghuis scored the 1-2 after a nice attack, a few minutes later Geertruida seemed to decide the cup duel: 1-3, and it was only the 61st minute.

Five minutes later, Berghuis managed to make it exciting again, by a wild tackle. It gave him his second yellow and thus red card. He duped his team very much with this, it turned out later.

Invaller Nygren the goldcock in silly closing phase

Invaller Benjamin Nygren made it exciting in minute 81 by signing the 2-3. The suffering got worse for Feyenoord. Siem de Jong was allowed to record the 3-3 on a silver platter in the 87th minute. Feyenoord had lost it all since the red map of Berghuis.

Nygren was able to make his second and the winning in the 89th minute, when Henk Veerman let go of the ball with a clever push of Marsman, allowing Nygren to score: 4-3. And the victory certainly counts for Heerenveen, that the stunt can compete against Ajax in the semifinals.