Heerenveen hopes for KNVB and must miss’ Veermannetjes’ against PSV

It is not yet known whether Henk and Joey Veerman will be available next weekend, when sc Heerenveen will compete against PSV. The two faced a corona infection and had to pass the match against PEC Zwolle from last week.
Trainer Johnny Jansen does not dare to say about Joey and Henk to PSV being available again. Both players completed an individual program this week. โ€œHenk and Joey feel goodโ€, says Jansen in conversation with the Leeuwarder Courant. โ€œBut it becomes very exciting if they are there against PSV. According to the regulations of the GGD, they can be released again, but we must adhere to the virus values given from the KNVB.โ€
Veerman and Veerman were missed last week. Heerenveen lost in his own house with 0-2 of PEC. โ€œJoey and Henk are, of course, players with specific qualitiesโ€, continues Jansen. โ€œHenk always binds two central defenders and Joey is just a very good player for us. He also ensures that others get more space.โ€
With or without the Fermanjes, Jansen is confident in a good result. โ€œWe have to put the defensive way much better against PEC Zwolle. Play compact and grab our moments from there โ€” thats where our possibilities lie.โ€