Helers on the grain: bill for second-hand register

Traders in stolen goods can no longer go through forced registration. Minister Grapperhaus (Justice and Security) sends a bill to the House of Representatives on Monday with which all second-hand items and persons they offer must be placed in a national register.

โ€œ Earlier figures show that 80 percent of the items stolen from thefts and burglaries are resold,โ€ says the CDA control man. โ€œSeiders, fellers and buyers of this stuff will be more likely to run into the lamp if they start trading in this.โ€

Now the rules for registration vary by municipality, the bill should prevent thieves from resorting to municipalities where they have free play. โ€œCrime must not pay off, and we want to remove the motivation to steal and break in,โ€ says the minister.