Heli of Colombian President shot: 667,000 euros for golden tip

After shooting Colombian President Ivan Duques helicopter, a great reward for the golden tip was awarded. For information leading to the arrest of the perpetrator (s), three billion pesos (667,000 euros) will be paid, the police announced Saturday.

Police say the shots were fired one kilometre from the airport in the city of Cรบcuta. Later, two guns, five warehouses and 20 cartridge cases were found there. One of the weapons was marked by the Venezuelan army.

โ€œIts a cowardly attack, we see bullet holes in the presidential aircraft,โ€ said the president in a statement. According to Duque, his security service prevented โ€œsomething deadlyโ€. โ€œWe are not afraid of violence or acts of terror. Our state is strong and Colombia is strong enough to deal with these types of threats,โ€ said the President.

The heli was shot at approaching Cรบcuta, on the Venezuela border. It included Conservative Head of State Duque, the Minister of Defence, the Minister of Interior, the Mayor of Cรบcuta and a Governor. Nobody got hurt. Pictures showed several bullet holes in the aircraft.


Duque spoke after the landing of an attack and associated it with the governments fight against drug trafficking, terrorism and organised crime. On June 15, another bombing took place on a military base in Cรบcuta, with more than 30 injured. The government of the South American country blamed guerrilla group ELN for this, but the rebels rejected it. Colombia accuses Venezuela of support to the ELN.