Helicopter shot president Colombia, bullet holes in hull

In Colombia, President Iván Duque‘s helicopter was shot. The aircraft was on its way to Cúcuta in the north of the country with Duque and two ministers. When approaching the city, “the presidential helicopter was targeted by an attack,” says Duque.

The helicopter landed in Cúcuta; all occupants remained unharmed.

On images released by the Colombian government, there are bullet holes in the Blackhawk hull. There is also damage to one of the rotor blades. According to Duque, the technical equipment of the device has been worse.

The President didn’t talk about who he believes is behind the attack. Nor has been disclosed where and what time the bullets were fired. Duque only talked about a cowardly attack, which will not stop him from fighting drug trafficking and terrorism.

Colombia has a long history of drug violence and conflicts with rebels. Last week there was another military base bombing in Cúcuta, close to the Venezuela border. More than thirty injured. The government suspects that the ELN guerrilla movement is behind it, although the movement itself contradicts it.