Hell Invades Heaven lets God charge hot water

An independent developer calling itself Menajev has announced that he is going to release on Steam his debut project, Hell Invades Heaven. Hell Invades Heaven is a comedy game that is inspired famous Lemmings series. In hell they learned that god didnt pay the bill for hot water, and the Devil is leading his legions to explain to heaven how the communal economy works.

Because the Devil himself is incredibly lazy, its all for him should do minions. A dozen varieties of servants are able to smash everything in their way over fifteen levels in hell, heaven, and on earth between them.

And each of the levels is a separate puzzle. Hell Invades Heaven plan to release on Steam in the third quarter.

The game will support the Russian language, although the quality of the translation is questionable. More on Iromania Authors of The Unholy Society released Foodtruck Arena Racing Survivors Shadow Warrior announced Space Punks Role-Playing Action at PS Store Weekend Watch Dogs, GTA V, Red Dead, Assassins Creed and FIFA.