Hell Let Loose: Free Weekends, Stalingrad and Soviet Rifles

Military shooter Hell Let Loose, as recently announced, is about to leave early access. The game is scheduled for release on July 27. And by this day, the developers are preparing a massive update on Update 10 dedicated to the Soviet army.

In the updating of players, new maps are waiting for them, and a fresh blog entry talks about one of them, Stalingrad. This is an unusual map with long wide roads and loosely located buildings giving a good view for combat equipment, high positions for snipers in high-rise houses and a mass of shelters for infantry in the middle of the rubble.

In addition, the developers introduced some of the weapons that will appear in the game. All of them were in service with the Soviet Army during World War II: Mosin rifle models M91, M91/30, M38, M91/30 Sniper, as well as SVT-40.

A semi-automatic rifle while everyone can get acquainted with the game on the course of another free weekend. Free access will be open for two days, and those who will have to liking the game can buy it at a discount, for 599 rubles.

This offer is valid until July 8. More on Game WoW Players: Shadowlands told how to survive EAs Chain of Domination patch withdraws two parts of Ultima Underworld, Syndicate Plus and Syndicate Wars Scarlet Nexus praised by critics and players.