Hell Let Loose left early access

Team17 publishing house and Black Matter studio announced the official Steam release of strategic team shooter Hell Let Loose. The game came into early access in June 2019 and during that time garnered very positive reviews. Hell Let Looses release was timed by a massive Update 10 update.

It opened a new, Oriental, front in the World War II game. The free upgrade opened two new maps, the Russian steppe of Kursk and the city wasteland Stalingrad, and added more than twenty new weapons and devices, four vehicles and the entire Soviet army.

In Hell Let Loose players engage in large-scale battles of 50 players on one side on a dozen cards depicting the most important battles on the Western and Eastern Fronts. There are fourteen combat roles available for players: engineers, snipers, tank commanders and crew members, medics and support services.

Those who go to the game before August 10 will receive a free supplement ; Silver Vanguard. More on Interplay Gamania hints at breaking news Discount for Dark Souls owners on Steam remaster expires in September Monster Hunter Rise to run crossover with Okami.